Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tea and Queen Victoria

I adore tea. I have an entire shelf in my kitchen dedicated to tea which holds many, many brands and flavours of teas. I've been slowly making the switch to only loose leaf because you just can't beat the flavour that exudes from a loose leaf tea.
A couple of years ago I posted a recipe for Springtime Lemonade which I also made into an iced tea. With my rhubarb coming on in full force I thought I'd pull this recipie out for the long weekend and to celebrate the Queens birthday. But I got to thinking, why not try it hot since, as usual, our start to summer is a little chilly this weekend. Using some of the rhubarb concentrate that I had just made I mixed it with a vanilla roobiss and a bit of honey. It was heavenly and pink!

This summer I plan to dry a lot of things to make my own tea's with. Rhubarb is the first one I'm giving a whirl. If all goes accordingly I'll share my tea recipes with you. Happy Victoria Day ! :)


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  2. Sorry - had a few too many spelling mistakes in the previous post :)
    what I meant to say - ooh I love tea too~