Tuesday, May 6, 2014


While watching the UKs Sewing bee last year, a couple of girls stood out for me. Lauren, who now owns and operates Guthrie and Ghani haberdashery and Tilly, who designs and sells her own patterns under the name Tilly and the Buttons. I've continued to follow these girls through Facebook and their blogs.
While I was out thrifting one day I came across some very 60/70s looking fabric, but not being a real fan of clothes from that era I stood with fabric in hand debating. It came home with me because after some thinking I knew what I wanted to make with it.
Enter one of Tilly's patterns named Coco. It has a 1960's feel to it and it caught my eye when she introduced it to the world and in my eyes the fabric and the pattern were made for each other.
Tilly had mentioned in one of her blog posts that she had whipped up a top one night for the next day so hoping I could do the same I spent this past Saturday afternoon doing just that.

Look it's sunny out!

The neat thing about this pattern is, it can be made into a dress too.

I'm hoping to add a few more of these to my wardrobe. By the way the cost not including the pattern was $2.00. :)

I've linked to Sewing Indie Month

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