Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Little bit of Sunshine.

After Season 4 of "Downton" was finished, I was feeling a little ho hum, and so the British lover in me needed a British fix. In walked " Call the Midwife". I was not disappointed. (but since I just finished watching season 3, I'll soon be going into withdrawal again.)

Of coarse while watching, I've analyzed everything from furniture, to the clothes they wear. And oh have I been drawn to those cute sweaters that Jenny Lee wears. But this yellow one was the one that caught my eye.

But since  bright yellow looks a little off on me, I thought I might warm it up a bit. I picked Knit Picks
cornmeal in palette yarn. Here it is so far.

And low and behold Jenny showed up in this little sweater. If your thinking I'm crazy and they're the same sweater, they're not, I checked. Totally different design and colour. Its kind of hard to tell but my  yarn colour is more like the second sweater.

 And you had better believe I've got a little red number all lined up too, but I'm saving that one for Christmas. :)

1 comment:

  1. That is such a lovely, feminine, springtime perfect shade of yellow. I've fallen in love with yellow in new and far greater way in the past couple of years (even though not shades of it work well on me) and would sport Jenny Lee's whole look in the quickest of heartbeats.

    ♥ Jessica