Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Room at the Top of the Stairs.

In my house there are a couple of areas that once the door is shut it's out of my mind. I don't have to look at it anymore or think about it until I have to open it again. Unfortunately this room or in this case closet I did have to open almost every single day and then when the doors had to be taken off you can imagine the sinking feeling every time I climbed the steps to see this horror.

Yup, everyday for the past 6 years that was were the wash was done. Thank goodness there was doors.

But when this came home to live after the death of my washer I couldn't give it an ugly home and the doors would no longer work cause this baby stuck out much further.
So we gave it and its sister a new home.

So at this point we don't have doors and right now I don't want them because I like looking at this prettiness.

Roger made the cabinet and I wanted a chunky counter top, so chunky I got. We sealed the wood extra in case you're wondering. The sink and doors came from Habitat. I then painted the doors and bottom half black. The little bench is great for folding wash.

The ceiling and the walls were replaced with beadboard paneling, and, Roger trimmed the whole thing with some pieces put together to give me a little ledge. I've got something in mind for that later.
My wallpaper I picked up for $5 a roll in Goderich at the Giant Paint Can store. ( I can't remember the name right now)

The floor is a vinyl strip floor. Cool stuff in my opinion. The fabric was in my stash.

My find this summer at a yard sale. I really like this basket. It will store something, just not sure what yet.

 And my ironing board now has a home. I found this little beauty at my local thrift store and brought it home to become something else. But I really needed an ironing board so I used it. Super sturdy and far superior to the ones you buy today, so an ironing board it will stay. Now I just need to make a cover for it. Even my drying rack has a place.

So there you have it, another little piece to my almost renovated home. I'm looking forward to attacking my kitchen in the new year. :)