Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Dogs Life.

It's been a roller coaster month. First Roger was laid off. Hired back for a month and then last week laid off again. Only this time we don't know for how long or where he'll go.
In the meantime all those projects that we have been putting off, are now getting done with a vengeance.

Picture taker girl and her husband are expected baby number one to arrive in 5 weeks. EEK!!! So there is a bit of a push to get some things done in her wee apartment to get ready for the little one to arrive.
So naturally the first thing we made was something for the dog.
 Hunter, their dog when left alone in their apartment has a bit of a fetish for all things fluffy. He is normally caged in a big old wire cage when everyone is gone, but they wanted something a little more stylish.
So thanks to Ana White and Pinterest we came up with this. I grabbed my phone and took this quick realizing I had almost forgotten to take a picture.

And the final product.....
I painted it gray and then age it with a dark stain.

The neat thing about it is, that it will double as an end table in their living room.

I think it's Hunter approved.:)

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