Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Baby Bag

There is a little over two weeks left till we add to the family once again. And I think they have just about everything ready for the little one to arrive, but the baby bag.

When Leah was born I wanted to buy Ashley a diaper bag, but after looking at my options I quickly changed my mind. They all seemed so suitcasey and hadn't really changed a whole lot since I had kids.
So a quick trip over to my favourite quilt store I found a pattern that I liked and made her a baby bag. I've made a couple of these as gifts but here is Amy's.

Not big and cumbersome and the pattern comes with a change pad to make as well. It's loaded with pockets and doubles as a purse when out and about with babe.

Over time I hope to be making more of these.:)

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