Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wrist Warmers

As mentioned before my fetish for BBC programming led me to watch the Pbs mini-series "Little Dorrit" by Charles Dickens. Since I'm always on the look out for new ideas while watching these shows, I noticed wrist warmers in wool and lace were worn by actresses. Looking up a bit of a history on them its seems they've been around for centuries and worn in colder climates of the European North. The best explanation as to why wear a wrist warmer is very similar to that of a hat. It traps the warmth in the wrist thus keeping your fingers warm and able to carry on working, even outside.
Over the last couple of years they seem to have come back into fashion again, with patterns for them popping up on the internet and pinterest, so not exactly new, but I have not attempted them yet.

So sitting by the cozy fire last night, listening to the wind howl, I grabbed some wool and a crochet hook and made these. (yes they are the same height hehe)

For a first attempt and no pattern I'm ok with this. I added a little ruffle to them along the bottom to finish it off, and it only took me an hour to finish the pair. Hmmmm Stocking Stuffers??:)

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