Monday, October 1, 2012

A Wedding!

My niece Breagh was married over the weekend. As as she began down the aisle a whole lot of memories started flooding back. You see Ashley and Breagh are 3 weeks apart, so when ever we got together the two were like glue. Where one went the other would go and so I held onto tears until after the wedding when I was alone with Roger because when you see someone you love take those steps towards the one they love with all their heart, you still see this.

Breagh is the one on the tricycle, Ash is hitching a ride.

Now as they grew interests changed, and both spread their wings in different directions. But the bond they shared seems to still be very much intact because a very cool thing happened.
Just as my sister and I were pregnant with the two of them, they too became pregnant at the same time, with Ashley being due in June and Breagh in September. But Breagh's Maddox would have none of that. He decided that he was to be born the day before Leah, in June. And I can tell you from trying to keep him entertained for a short while on Saturday, he is a very busy boy.

Here they are with their Great Oma.

So now the very sad part of this wedding day was that my pictures didn't turn out quite like I wanted them too, so I had to borrow this one from Brent Foster Photography

Breagh has grown into quite the beauty and we wish her, Denver and Maddox all the happiness in the world. :)

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