Monday, October 8, 2012

A little Late, but ever so Thankful.

This past April was my mother's 80th birthday, and through much busyness, we couldn't seem to find time to gather together to celebrate. So each sibling did their own thing with her to celebrate.

Enter Thanksgiving.
My sister Angela graciously invited us all to her home for thanksgiving. She suggested that we take some time out of our Thanksgiving Festivites and surprise Mom with a round of "Happy Birthday" and a cake. Lets face it, we would not be gathering together to be Thankful if not for our parents, so really it seem fitting to do this for her at Thanksgiving.

I asked if I could make the cake, since playing with food always seems like a fun thing to do.
I started by making Marshmallow Fondant. There are tons of recipes for this on the internet and its super easy to make. It also looks like the professional fondant that cake decorators use but is sooo much cheaper then buying it.

I tinted half the batch in purple, leaving the other white, mixing them together to get a marble effect.
Then I decided cupcakes would be the easiest to transport and made those. Now while they were cooling I began making roses.

Since working with fondant is like playing with play-doh, I thought these would be pretty easy to make, and I was right.

Start with a center,  then make some petals by flattening out some of the fondant, some larger some smaller and wrap your petals around your center. I made a couple of rose buds as well, with a center and two petals.

Not all the cupcakes were going to have flowers I wanted some with coloured sugar. I just happen to have a very coarse sugar. I mixed some of my purple colour with a very small amount of water and mixed in the sugar. From there I let it air dry, mixing it around to keep it from sticking together.

I iced them first with a butter cream icing, and then added the goodies.

The finished product!

And the Birthday Girl! 

A very Happy Thanksgiving to All. :)

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