Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where we're at so far

You may be wondering what's happening with our little Avion. So far we've torn out old trim, ripped up vinyl flooring and picked out some of the colours that we want to use.
Armstrong  has a new look to peel and stick flooring. We thought something along this line would be the best and most durable for the abuse a trailer floor takes.

I want the look of wood to warm up and make our floors look cozy.

The colour we're thinking of useing to paint the walls and part of the wood is Antique White by CIL. It has been my "go to" colour for years. It's a white that not too white. I hope you can see the swatch.

Fabrics is always the fun part for me. We sent away for some swatches and here's what we think we are going to go with.

The two on the left are for upholstery, the one on the right is for the bathroom and the two in the middle are accents for pillows. I'm still looking for some solids.

Right now we are in a bit of a heat wave making working outside for long periods of time HOT
I think some time at the beach would cool me off and get me back to work, as long as  I don't stay too long.:)

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  1. oooh, love, love, LOVE those colours - it's gonna be great when you are done