Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something Yellow and then some.

Last week began in a bit of a whirlwind. Over the weekend we found out that picture taking daughter and her husband are expected baby number 1. There was rejoicing and a cheer from the crowd.

On Monday we delivered my Something Yellow to the The Garden Gate. The Blue Dresser had sold, so I painted up my Something Yellow to bring. It started life looking like this.

But left my home looking like this.

I like how this turned out so much, that it almost didn't leave my home. But if I kept every stray piece that followed me home, I'd be over run with furniture.

I painted it using my homemade chalk paint then added a stripe. I didn't want my stripes to line up,because sometimes when painting a stripe the stripes become over powering to the piece. I wanted to keep the look soft, that way it could work in a baby's room or be just as happy at home in a dining room. It was then sealed with a wax.

The top was left plain.

She's a cutie and when I look at her pictures she makes me smile, as something yellow always does.

It makes up for the rest of the week when my washing machine suddenly died. So for the last week I've had to bring my laundry to Amy's to do. My new machine won't arrive till next week, but she too is a thing of beauty, if you consider those sorts of things beautiful. :)

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