Saturday, June 23, 2012

If those Legs could talk.

This little table came to me in pieces one day. I was told by its owner, it was a "Stagecoach table" Meaning when the stagecoach stopped for lunch or a break this little folding table was brought out.

Upon further inspection the top doesn't seem to be original to the legs. The legs are a hardwood and the top seems to be pine. Sometimes I wish I could hear the stories behind what happened to this little table along the way. Is this its top, was it made from pine to keep it lighter and the legs needed to be sturdier because of terrain and if so who exactly got to dine on this little cutie? Did someone make a new one and copied the old one? When I working on something my mind wanders a lot.

 I still think it turned out great even if it may or may not be all its original parts.

I sanded the top and painted the legs and then gave it a chippy look. I wanted it to feel like it had been taken in and out the "stagecoach" so many times and that it had some bumps and bruises.

I think this little table has so much life to give yet. It could be a little table for games in a covered porch or a nightstand. The legs still fold and it could be put away and brought out when needed, but I think it would be a shame not to use it.
I'm a lucky gal, who gets to come across some unique pieces. I love what I do!:)

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