Monday, June 1, 2015

A Musical in Orange

It's been "hot then it's cold"  and I've been "busy as a bzzzz bee" throughout it all. ( hehe a little musical humour for you)
But seriously folks, we've had hot spring days already and as usual it's caught me off guard in the clothing department. Want I want is clothing that can be worn that gets me through the chilly spring days but also the dog days of summer.

" Welcome to the Sixties" Ok, ok .. I know I've said before that I wasn't a fan of the sixties style of clothing and now I appear to be a liar. What I've come to like is what I like to call sixties casual.

By the way, I'm still not thrilled about taking pictures of myself. Those Sear Catalogue poses, what to do with your hands, the far off looks you give... so I find myself looking through the pictures and coming up with captions for them. 
This one says " oh look, it's raining and I'm pretending I'm not freezing because it's only 8 degrees outside"

This one says " Oh no!! My sweater is falling off. Now I know I'm bound to freeze because it's only 8 degrees outside. Who will save me!!!!!" No worries, I saved myself.
I originally thrifted the sweater because of it's brand new just knitted condition. Some may have passed on this sweater because of its electric orange colour but I saw it at least as something to wear around Halloween. The earrings were also a fun find. 

But what this picture was really saying is this shirt started out it's life looking like this.

I bought this shirt the other day at Goodwill because it was gingham annnddd it was a peachy orange gingham. I knew I wanted to tear it apart and put it back together and if it didn't work, no biggy I'd cut it up even further to become something else.
Here's what I did do. I took the sleeves and collar off and opened the sides. 
From the sleeves I fashioned a new 60's wider collar from a pattern I had. I added darts in the sides and made the shirt a little more fitted at my waist. I trimmed the top of sleeve back a bit so it hit better on my shoulder and made a facing from bias tape.
I'd say success for me!!

The question you may be asking yourself is why not just buy an already made shirt. 
1. It likely won't have that vintage feel I want.
2. It was a super cheap shirt that I didn't have to pay a lot of money for and since the fabric feels high end..bonus!
3. No muslin making!!!
4. Although not the answer to the real problem it was one less shirt made in a probable sweat shop. 
( it says made in Malaysia so I am just assuming, feel free to correct me)

As for the cigarette pants, that story is for another day.

I leave you now with my best KISS impression. :)


  1. best line "Oh no!! My sweater is falling off. Now I know I'm bound to freeze because it's only 8 degrees outside. Who will save me!!!!!"
    ha ha!

    1. Hehe I'm really just a nerd at heart. Might as well let my nerdness shine!

  2. You look great, Debra! I love how well orange sings with your beautiful blonde locks. Taking photos of yourself, or having someone else take them, can be tricky for sure. I'm grown a bit more confident over the years thanks to my blog, but despite people calling me such sometimes, I don't think I'll ever feel truly photogenic. At least I can bring myself to get in front of the lens now though, it took many years before I was comfortable in that position. Those who take to it like a duck to water are lucky indeed!

    Big hugs & the happiest of June wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks! I had no idea I liked orange, peach yes but orange? Maybe one day that picture taking thing will come easier, for now I've decided to have fun and be a little off beat till that easier day arrives. Hehe