Friday, June 26, 2015

Pinterest #10

Up until a few days ago we were living the high life. We could go for walks and jump on the trampoline well into the evening. It was all good but then THEY showed up. Those blood sucking little vampires that make going outside anytime of day a nightmare.
Before we went camping I had made us a mosquito bar but we didn't need it. No bugs and that's the way it's been until now. 
Since this to me is a "does it really work" Pinterest review I have been passing this bar around and getting people's opinion. So far it fallen in the "yes" category and it's been working against some major battles too. Ive been able to water my plants in the evening with literally swarms circling me, bouncing off me and no bites. I've tried another deet free bug spray with not as much luck. 

 Sustain Create and Flow is where this pin originally came from and I found it to be a quick and easy recipe to follow. 

In the recipe she took out the coconut oil but I put it back in. I also didn't exactly follow the amount of essential oils either. Some of the oils we can't get here as written so I had to improvise. My "bugless" oil was mostly citronella oil but I did add a bit of lavender too. 
In the end I went by smell, so mine has a very strong citronella/ lemongrass to it. I'd say I put in at least 20 drops of citronella and anywhere from 10-15 of the rest. 

After application of the bar the smell eventually will dissipate and you need to reapply maybe every hour if you were going to be continuously outside. I'm ok with that because everytime I'm using it I'm mostuizing my arms and legs and my skin is loving that. 
You may ask why didn't I make a spray? I still might but I think this is easier to apply where I want it and easier to put on little ones arms and legs.
Ok here's what mine looks like. Not pretty like the ones you see on Pinterest  but I'm ok with that as long as it works.:)


  1. wow this is awesome! never heard of a bug repellent bar - whew knew... perhaps one should make many and start a store :)

  2. As one of those people who has been, since a very early age, a natural magnet for bugs, yet who also has super sensitive skin, natural treatments like really appeal to me. Thank you very much for sharing this handy, easy recipe. Bookmarked! :)

    Have a fantastic weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. So far, still good. We are keeping those little critters at bay.