Monday, April 20, 2015

Van Gogh

Last week when I did my thrift store remakes for the Anniversary party I didn't take pictures of the display. Sometimes I'm just not thinking of pictures, I'm thinking of getting the set-up just right and then I breath a sigh of relief when its done and forget pictures. It's a bad habit and one that irks my husband sometimes. I apologize if you were at all interested in what the display looked looked like but it did have a springy feel I can tell you that. Today I'm sharing one of the items.

I hoard chairs, like I really hoard chairs, which I've mentioned before. You could come shopping in my house for a chair it's that bad.   I think in part it's because I'm still trying to perfect my upholstery and I"ll deem them not quite worthy and hold onto them. At some point I will have to let some go. Either that or have a great game of musical chairs!

I like these little cast offs from what may have been part of a dining set at one time. They are great for adding just a bit of fun or whimsy to a boring table if its redone that way.You could use in a bedroom or just have sit in the corner till you need and extra chair.

I went for fun bright colours. Mostly because I wanted to use my new  van Gogh chalk paint or fossil paint as they like to call it. I adore the variety of their colours, I mean Starry Night or Sunflowers how great sounding are those!! 

The colour that I used is actually called Van Gogh and its such a beautiful shade of blue and everytime I look at it, it makes me cheery.

I used a vintage fabric from my stash and used new foam for a nice comfy seat. I gave it a sanding, distressed it and sealed it with beeswax polish.

I bought the the trial size paint pot of approximately 6 oz for $15.00 and I can tell you that its going to go a long way which is a wonderful thing  ( more bang for my buck) because I've got a couple of other things to paint this merry colour! :)

Want to revisit some of my past chairs?


  1. Oh my word, Debra, that is absolutely beautiful. You are such a skilled craftswoman. I wish I could buy this and put it in my house right now. Swoon! In fact, I'd happily have a whole room or even house done up in this same feminine, cheerful, gorgeous colour palette. I love seeing everything you make - it always inspires me, dear lady.

    Huge hugs.
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aww thanks!! It's being used at my kitchen table with no objections from the man in my life!! I'd love to do one similar in pink but I may be pushing it.hehe