Monday, January 20, 2014

Third time not a Charm.

About a year and half a go I bought a pattern from etsy and try as I might I could not get my hat to look like the picture of my boughten pattern. Every time I crocheted it, it looked like a Gilligan hat. I was going for a cloche. So I set it aside in frustration and ignored it, and thought "that'el teach it."
Last week for the third (or maybe fourth) time I thought I'd try again. I double and triple checked my yarn, my hook and the pattern and guess WHAT!!.... another stinkin' Gilligan hat. No cute little brim, that is supposed to just come to the top of my eyes just a a hat with an absurd brim waiting to jump ship.

So, what's a girl to do? Try and make her own pattern, thats what.

I took some things that I liked from the boughten pattern, checked youtube for other suggestions, checked the internet for more suggestions and came up with this.

( by the way, not a fan of selfies, can you tell)

Its not perfect and still needs tweaking, but I finally feel closer to what I was looking for. So here's what I'm hoping to do, get it to where I really, really like it, and then share the pattern with you!

So you also may be wondering why not just find another pattern? It's because I can't seem to find one like this. 
I'm kind of picky and sometimes picky can be a good thing or bad thing. I haven't decided which one this is yet. :)


  1. love it! and the the selfie :)
    but the big question ---- is when are you going to start selling all these amazing crafts??? I would SO, be your first customer and second and third and... well I am sure you get the idea!

    1. One day when I grow up I can hopefully fulfill some of my dreams....this being one of