Monday, January 27, 2014

More Hats!

When I was in Grade 5, our school introduced electives for the upper grades.  I chose knitting being taught from our lovely Liberian Mrs. Furtney. She taught us to knit a scarf. I finished it, fringed it and wore it for many winters. My mother can also knit, so I didn't see a need to knit much since she did it for me.
 When I was in my 20's, crocheting was my new past time and knitting was put way on the back burner. I always tell people I crochet, not knit.
Since the January post telling you how I plan on only making my wardrobe from now on, I felt that knitting had to be pulled out of a very loooonnnng retirement. Finding nice sweater patterns to crochet are really hard to find and I also read, that knitting is easier on your hands. (side note - my hand is actually getting better thanks to my chiropractor. He found some things out of place)

So here it is... my first knitting project in a super duper long time.

This was this morning.

And this afternoon!!!!!!

All I can say is I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT :)

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