Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I like so many around me have been struck with some nasty virus which has literally drained the life force from my body and left me trying to take many naps to get rid of it. Yesterday I popped in Lady and the Tramp and promptly fell asleep for an hour. Today which is a  beautiful,warm day will be lost for me since I'll be looking for the couch soon, with a pillow to curl up with, but before I do that, I'll show you how far I am with the chair. I was hoping to work on it today but I'm finding small projects to handle which require sitting, 
     And now Photoshop is not working properly and I'm too tired to scream, but here they are anyway.

All new webbing. The old stuff fell apart when you touched it.

All my little springs sewn in place and ready to be tied.

Tied with curve appeal. This will give the chair its shape.

 With the burlap now over top and stapled into position you can see that the chair is now taking shape.As far as I can tell and from what books I've read,and videos I've watched, I'm pretty close to doing it properly. But the end result will be the tell tale sign.

For now, the couch is calling.:)

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