Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From Rags

It started as a bunch of things. Two were old sheets, some were leftovers from other projects and some was just a fabric stash from days gone way by.
The other night on my Sugar Shack Facebook page I posted a picture of a couch full of fabric strips that had been ripped into inch wide strip, and then I knotted them together. Once they were knotted I begin to crochet a large rag rug for my stockpile, for my little room makeover.

I made about 4 large balls of scraps for this rug, and it took me about a day and half to make the whole thing. These do work up pretty fast.

 Yesterday I took it to my model so she could show it off for me.

I really liked the multi colouredness of this rug. Usually I match the rug to the room but this time I wanted something fun and I will be doing this again. 

Mom came to play too!! :)


  1. this is something I'd love to learn - you wanna teach some classes?

    1. I could probably show you in 5 minutes.