Friday, February 17, 2012

The Anatomy of my Chair

                                                        This is practice chair number 2.

We acquired this chair when Rogers mom passed away 14 years ago. The plan was to one day get it reupholstered. 
The fabric is worn and the cushion a little saggy, but it's a solid little chair. Not a wiggly little bit anywhere. It also seemed like the right project to continue practicing on now, for me.

I began by taking the back off, only to discover that the springs were ready to pop out the back.

I wouldn't have thought that the webbing holding it all in, was in such bad shape. 

I started snapping pictures with my phone to keep a record of how everything was and how I'd like to put it back together. I've got pictures from different angles, different details, just a wide variety of this and that.

As I took things apart, I discovered that it had been reupholstered I believe twice before. But I'm pretty sure that the burlap covering the arms, back and bottom are original to the chair. 
When I removed the burlap from the arms I found this

What looks like straw, but I'm sure it has some other name. You can also see where there was another fabric under the pink damask. I didn't think I'd have to take it back this far (right down to its bones) but I'm excited to see if I can put it back together again. Its going to require getting some new tools that I don't have, so I'm not sure that I can count it as an expense for the dumping grounds room or not. This chair will be for that room. I do have the fabric to cover it but not the little extras to rebuild it, like new foam, webbing and cording for the springs. There are a few other things that will come in handy, that I need. I will keep a tally for the chair though and tell you in the end what its total cost is.

Wish me luck. I believe I'm going to need it. :)

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