Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Annnd Done.

                                            Yesterday I told you a little bit about this chair.

I picked it up at my local thrift store. It was a good solid chair. (I bounced around in it to make sure.)
I spent the first part of last week tearing it apart and found a hard wood frame. Something that a professional upholster told me to look for, so I was excited about this. It also meant that an unprofessional like me could get a away with some mistakes. Example- tearing out what I had just stapled to it because I did it wrong.

Deciding how I was going to recover it was a long process. I bought the chair back in the fall and would look at it and be stumped until I saw this. A chair from Velvet Perch.

Isn't this a pretty chair. They have done such lovely job and very creative.

This was what I wanted.
This would be my second upholstery project and didn't think that this may be over my head. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I went online and ordered my fabric, and began to sew. The only issue I ever thought I'd have was the cushion. Would I make it right, would it fit over the foam again properly and surprise of surprises, I did have an issue. But not the one I was expecting. My poor little sewing machine was not a happy camper sewing through all those layers, but it made it through in the end.

So now I have this

I like my chair. :)


  1. oh. my. goodness. to be honest I was a little dubious as to how it would turn out, but WOW! this is so awesome.... great job!

  2. I LOVE YOUR CHAIR!!!! That makes me think, I have one that I should have you look at and price for me!

  3. I have never done reupholstery but would sure love to! This is your second project??? The chair is gorgeous!!! How did you learn to reupholster?

    1. Thanks Bea!
      Lots of books from the library and I've been sewing for years so that was a big plus. I took my time as I tore it apart and took lots of pictures,I also kept all the fabric from the chair as a pattern. I wanted to try and duplicate and put it back together as close as I could. But mostly trial and error. If I didn't like it, out it came and I started all over again. Oh and if I got really frustrated with it, I walked away for a couple of hours.
      Hope this helps somehow, and thanks again!!

  4. the chair looks ammmmmmmmmmmmazzzzing love it