Friday, December 16, 2011

The Traditional Way

My Family Room is my traditional cutesy Christmas room. My mom used to decorate our house with all the traditional colours of Christmas, so for me I've got to have a space that reflects that. When I walk into this room it gives me the feeling I had when I was a kid growing up on our farm, and who doesn't want to feel like a kid again at Christmas.

That's my little snowball tree that sits in the corner.

I collect these ceramic trees. I've got about 14 of them, I think. The first one I bought was when my kids were wee little. I think I paid $30. Later on they started popping up at yard sales for a couple of dollars. I'd buy one and then another one. Now I get them as gifts, which is wonderful. No two trees are the same either. One's ok but when you put them all together and light them up at night, it's kind of pretty.

The space above my fireplace has been bare since we moved in. I've been looking for just the right thing. It wasn't antlers.
But then something came over me one day and I mentioned to my husband that maybe some antlers wouldn't be bad. He jumped on that band wagon real fast and started asking around. It just so happened that my lovely brother-in-law had his moose antlers in storage and we could borrow them.
Before I could change my mind they were up on the fireplace.  Now, I like them there.

And my newly required cool piece is my little Russian nesting Doll my mom picked up on her trip in the spring to Russia. Super cute and adds a touch of my heritage to the room.

Now I can cosy up in my room and wait for Santa to come.:)

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  1. you have such a gift at decorating - love this room!