Monday, December 19, 2011

Miss Sweet Pea's Stocking

This is Little Miss Sweet Pea's First Christmas and she needs a stocking.

I began to peruse the web for ideas and decided to check Pottery Barn Kids. I came across this cute little snowman stocking and thought I'd try and make my own.

I began by making up a pattern from another stocking for a size and then from the picture cut from          various scraps of fabric to duplicate the same snowman design.

From here I warmed up my 22 year old sewing machine and began machine quilting my fabric to the quilt batting. You can buy pre-quilted but I already had everything at home to do this method. I eyeballed my quilting, but it would be very easy to mark and then sew your 90 degree angles.

Then I zig-zag my pieces onto one of my quilted sides.

I blanket stitched the lights on. I wanted more of a homemade feel to the stocking then just zig-zagging the whole thing.

With all the eyes and buttons sewed on, ear muffs and scarf in place, I sewed the back on.

This is the inside of the stocking. I had to make sure that my trees on my fabric when folded over would face the right way. Knowing this I still sewed one wrong. grr.

I sewed both the insides and the outsides together, leaving a hole in the stitching to turn things right side out. I also trimmed away along seams, anything that may make things too bulky looking when turned the right way.  Turned it and slipped stitched it shut, and gave it a quick iron.

Finished, and I like it!

She is now ready for Santa to come. :)

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  1. wow'zers that's just awesome! and what a great keepsake for her, I'm sure she'll love it!