Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vanity Fair

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture of a little vanity.

I've had it for most of the summer sitting in my garage and scanning the internet for inspiration. I had an idea, but anyone who knows me, knows I like to research things. See what products others are using, what works best for them. Then I'll take the plunge and give it a try. Thus it was for this. Chalk paint. Not to be confused with chalkboard paint. This paint comes from the U.K. and is pretty pricy, but I took the plunge and ordered it. This paint boasts of its ability to paint over varnish or an existing paint job with no need to sand or prime and is perfect for painting furniture.
There are two other things you should also know about me, my inability to wait long periods of time and my  cheap side "thriftiness".  I found a recipe to make my own chalk paint. It too painted right over existing varnish with no need to sand beforehand, so for the most part, the paint did exactly what I wanted it to do. I have yet to try my new paint because it arrived halfway through this project so I can't compare yet. But these are the results.

As you can see from some of the pictures it also distresses quite lovely. I also tried a new thing to seal it. Beeswax! I'll let you know how that experiment goes.

By the way, all my after picture will now and forever be done by my lovely daughter, Amelia. 
(or until I let her teach me the proper way to use a camera)


  1. oh my goodness! this is amazing!

  2. That is amazing what a beautiful job you did. And i agree about your Daughter it is great to be able to call her my daughter in law