Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Happy New Year!!
In case your wondering yes we still make Christmas gifts for one another so here's a bit of a recap of some of the things we ( Roger, Isaac and I) made this year.
There was the customized Monopoly board for Isaac's friend Marie,

( the entire thing was burned in with a wood burning tool)

the coat rack for Ashley using railway spikes the kids gathered before we moved here,

and for me, an 8 ft. bench to fit all the little bums.

Roger made it slightly higher for little people but adults can slide in and are quite comfortable as well.

He also made made smaller versions of both the coat rack and bench as gifts as well but I forgot to take pictures before they headed out the door. 

I sewed and knitted mitts for everyone. The big people received recycled sweater mitts and the little ones got knitted mittens. Again I took no pictures :( but links can be found at the bottom for the patterns.

Stockings for the wee little ones with crinkly elephants inside.

It was a busy busy Christmas :) and a great start to the New Year with family gathered around the table for games and food. 
Already my mind has been swirling for this years gifts. :)

Patterns for the mitts and elephant can be found here

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