Thursday, November 6, 2014

To Market, to Market to buy a Fat Pig

Well maybe not a pig for certain but for me the past couple of weeks I've been deep into Christmas merry making and its felt odd thinking Christmas with leaves gentle falling and spooky pumpkins aglow. But one can't help but feel festive when preparing for a Christmas Makers Market.
My daughter Ashley is putting together the sale and what I love about a Makers Market vs Craft Show is the variety. Anything hand made or locally grown may be at a Makers Market so meat, coffee, honey, candles, chocolate, and crafty things can be found. One stop shopping! 
So what crafty things have I come up with? Here's a bit of a tease.

 Ugly Sweater stocking!

I've got a few furniture pieces coming along as well. Keep checking my Facebook Page as I add more teasers! :)

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