Thursday, September 11, 2014

New/Old Stuff

Ahhh... there's nothing like it. That something that will finally push you into finishing a project. In this case my exterior/interior door and window.

A looonnngg time ago we found a window...

and then we found a door.

(In case your wondering why we have a window and a door behind our walls, this part of the house was an old porch that had been enclosed.)

Then we made an arch. We found those posts for $10 each.

Then we found and bought a 100 year old tin ceiling and added that to the mix.

Much better then a drop ceiling don't you think?

So here's the thing, the window and the door sat as a window and a door for a very long time. Not that we didn't want to finish it, it's just other things took priority.

Since M'lynn's getting hitched and the reception is at home, you start to see your unfinished projects and want them done like yesterday.

Here's what we started with on this dreary day.

I forgot to take a picture of the door but it looked pretty much the same.

Why yes that is baseboard that we saved and are now our shelves.

Makes for a perfect plate rail and a great spot for cookbooks. :)


  1. oh my ~ looks absolutely awesome! and I love the decorations!

  2. Oh I bet Penelope will like this! We will have to keep a closer eye on her so that things will not go missing from the shelves.

    1. I thought of that when I put the little house teapot on the shelf.