Monday, August 25, 2014

Small town Fun

What I like to call " out in the boonies" movies have always caught my eye. Ones like Sweet Home Alambma or Doc Hollywood. The reason they catch my eye is the small town fairs or festivals the movie portrays.
Our little town of 800 has one such festival celebrating the Bean. Yup you heard right, the bean. For the past 49 years our town has put on the Bean Festival. Now I've taken this festival and all it has to offer for granted until this year and decided to look at it thru fresh eyes and I can tell you I truly had a wonderful time.
Friday night begins with a classic car cruise night and fireworks display. We didn't count but I heard over 200 cars participated, and the fireworks were quite impressive!

Our morning began bright and early! Living close to the action we can hear set- up begin around 6:30 am . The streets are closed and turned into a market where I purchased a couple of things.

The car show is the second largest in Ontario. I found myself being drawn to the classics where as Roger can't resist the muscle car.

 We both agreed on this 1965 pick-up.

We think something like this would be perfect to pull our 1965 trailer. Its on our one day when we when the lottery wish list.

I leave you with a festival/ fair favourite of mine. The Kettle Corn Recipe I tried this easy make any time recipie and it was pure deliousousness. :)


  1. ah yes, the festival to celebrate the bean.... it always was a fun day!

  2. What an awesome looking car show! I would venture to guess that must be one of the largest anywhere in Canada. We have a really good sized one here in Penticton each June called the Peach City Beach Cruise. I wasn't able (health wise) to make it to this year's, but I attended the last two and they were a blast! Cars and trucks stretched the whole length of the beach on Okanagan Lake here, then more parked on grass at the end before the Lakeside Hotel. Well worth seeing if you're ever out here at that time of the year.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, dear Debra!
    ♥ Jessica