Saturday, August 16, 2014

A little R and R

With a to do list longer then my arm and possible my leg we took five days and went to what has to be my most favourite place on earth, Inverhuron Provincial Park. Now I realize it's not Paris with its Eiffel Tower or the meadows of New Zealand but when I'm relaxing by the fire, down at the lake, or hiking the trails it feels just right.

Did I do any knitting or crocheting? I took it but it stayed in the bag and instead I read a real live book. Not a book on my iPad but one with pages.
You also maybe wondering how the old girl held up. She went through a storm and never even batted an eye. 

Although she did reveal some new secrets that need attending too she's most definitely a keeper. :)


  1. beautiful photos - looks like a great place for R&R, it's always good to take a step back and slow down

    and me? I prefer a good old lake huron view to anything :)

  2. Be still my stunning landscape loving heart, that is one sublimely beautiful corner of the world. I would try to make a beeline for R&R there, too, if we lived nearby. The mister and I will be headed out for some much needed relaxation set against a gorgeous backdrop of our own soon, too (we're headed to Vancouver Island for a couple weeks at the start of the fall - I'll be blogging about our upcoming trip around the start of September).

    It's great that your gorgeous camper held up in the face of a storm. Good for "her"! Hopefully she'll see your through lots more adventures and types of weather to come.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your lovely blog comment today,
    ♥ Jessica