Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When it's time to think twice about buying Vintage.

Last night I think we tackled the most disgusting part of our trailer...the sewer system. I hosed and scrubbed the toilet we had removed while my darling husband lay underneath the trailer removing old leaky sewer parts.
 I think people have this romantic notion that they're going to find a vintage trailer, paint and decorate it and it will be the tralier of their dreams like they see on Pinterest. I can guarantee that those people spent many, many hours getting it to look that way.

 Not to dash those dreams for anyone, but I'm not having any romantic feelings towards this trailer, especially after last night. It's been a lot of hard work mentally( two days spent figuring out wiring, water still hasn't been figured out) and physically (lifting things in and out to make sure they fit). After all, my trailer is almost 50 years old. It's going to have issues, as any vintage trailer would.
So buyer beware! That cute 1965 classic trailer is going to take away your time and money and as long as you know that, carry on dreaming. :)

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