Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So you know....

So you know how the rule in my house for Christmas is that gifts must be hand made. No store bought exchanges, which at first was kind of tricky for some, but did not seem a problem this year at all. So over the next couple of posts I'll show you some of the things that were made.

First up, Roger's gift and how it came to be.

For years Roger has been wanting to build new steps for the basement, so with time on his hands, one day he and Isaac tackled just that.

But he when he tore out the old treads he was thinking they seemed pretty heavy and wanted to know what they would look like cleaned up.

                                        I'm not an expert on woods, but I do know this is a hard wood of some type.

Now this was the hard part for me because I wanted to jump in and take over a few times on his Christmas present. But I'd give my hand a slap and ask him what he wanted to do or thought. And this is what he came up with.

   A much needed night stand, with old treads as a new top that turned out to be some beautiful wood.

I think he did just fine with his design.

Happy New Year!!:)

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  1. this is awesome!!! can't wait to see what everyone else got