Friday, April 27, 2012

Double Feature.

Today I finished two of the bigger projects for my green room. You'll remember my trundle bed, it got its final coat of beeswax to seal it.

The other project that got its finishing touches was this little dresser.

Once upon a time it looked like this

I had painted it green last year. Yes I said last year, and then it sat, because it was missing something.
 Then I found some green paper about a month ago and liked how it looked with the dresser. I  decided to modge podge (glue) it on. If this is an idea you'd like to do, make sure you give it several coats to seal it, with either the modge podge or a varnish.

I really, really,really like this bed. Roger and Isaac did a fantastic job creating this for me. I really like the dresser and I really like the chair.

We found these little birds in Lucan and now the room has taken on a bit of a bird theme. I've got some other bird things waiting in the wings. hehe 
Now that most of the big things are out of the way its time for the sewing to begin! I've got some other little lovelies just waiting to be put together.

Slowly but shirley, I will get it done.

You might want to say that line like Scarlet O'hara, just so you know how much I want to finish this room.
But picture me sitting in paint with handfuls of fabric instead of dirt.:)

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