Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bed.

We've been busy trying to design a trundle bed. I wanted a trundle bed in my re-designed "Little Girls Room", so I get two single beds, but one that will tuck neatly away for more play space during the day.

We started by decided from my stash what would be the best. We chose a head board and a foot board from two different beds.

Sorry its a little blurry. I must have been distracted by my handsome man.

Next we put our bed together.

 I want the ends of the bed to be fairly high so it also has a daybed feel to it. Lots of measuring and pretending went on after this. We'd grabbed pieces of things lying around and put them up against it to see how we liked the look. It went through many different looks, but we finally decided and now there's no going back.

Here it is  being used as a work table. (I made that mess, because I needed another work table to work on another project.) You can kind of see how high I'd like the ends to be by the board that's propped up against it.

And this morning it got more paint.

Tucked underneath and on wheels is the other bed. The fronts for that bed are sitting on top. Down in my basement are the sides for the bed. And up at the Bruce Nuclear, is my husband working away and won't be home till the weekend to hopefully finish it. Until then, I've got some antiquing to do on it. :)

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