Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Way Back When...

 I was looking through some old photos on my computer, deleting and such when I came across some oldie but goodies of my bathroom.
These pictures are all point and shoot so the quality isn't the greatest, but I'm sure you'll still get the gist of how amazingly weird my bathroom was.

Yes that bathtub is sunk into the floor, and yes it is a cast iron tub covered with tile.

The toilet was wall mounted, but something happened along the way and the previous owners had to put that black plastic piece under the bowl.

The Hole.
  It was pretty yucky and the black at the back was moldy wet wood. All that raised bit where the tub sat, came out.

Cast iron tubs are not light. I was thankful that these guys were here that day.

 AND NOW duntduntdada!

A tub that securely sits on a a reinforced floor!

A sink on a reclaimed dresser, that is now my vanity. Roger recut the top drawers to make room for plumbing, and it still left me with ample drawer space.

And the reverse shot in the mirror, that shows my cute little lights. My bathroom also houses a great linen  closet across from the shower.

 It was a project that took us extra long it seems, but it was worth it.
It's been finished for almost 2 years and I'll still walk in on some days and think about what it use to look like and am grateful it doesn't look that way anymore. :)

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