Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Make a Deal!

Amy the picture taker and I have a deal. If she comes and takes pictures for me, she gets free stuff done.
Sometimes she's busy though and that's when you get stuck with my pictures, but today is not the day.

Last fall her and I went kijiji shopping. She was looking for a table for her and her husband's apartment. Nothing too big, because the one they had just took up to much room. She had her hopes on a drop leaf table and by chance she found one. Her Dad and I went and scooped it up for $30. The neat thing about this table is that it has 2 leaves with it and extends to a rather large table, but folds up and flips down to nearly nothing.

 She also needed a couple of chairs.

$5 each from our local thrift store.

And now the after effect.
I sanded down the top and stained it a dark colour. Painted and distressed the bottom in a gray concoction I made. That's where I add a little of this and some of that and bam new paint colour.
The chairs were painted black and also distressed. The fabric was leftover from the bridesmaid dresses I made for her wedding.

(photo courtesy of Stephanie Gascho Photography)

And then for fun we brought out her Christmas present too for our photo shoot.

And Fuzz thought this was all A-OK.

Then we loaded it up and took it to their happy home before it snowed some more.:)

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  1. love, love, LOVE those chairs..... it's awesome that you used material from her wedding too!