Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 Ok so this has nothing to do with Midnight and sometimes I just don't have a title for these posts. But black is involved, so I'm not all crazy.
I am once again finished a project that I started, oh so long ago. So long ago that I can't even find a before picture anywhere. What I can tell you is, that I bought it at Habitat. I know M'lynn and Roger were with me. I know I got a great deal on it, and I know that I really liked it.

It was a tired little piece that needed a little pizzaz. Now I like things painted black however, Isaac does not. After waxing things painted black, it has a tendency to show finger prints and it drives him crazy. Having a clean room.... not so much, but finger prints... go figure. So beware if you ever go this route with black and wax, it needs to be buffed quite a bit.

I like its curvy legs and I decided to leave the knobs as is. I like the contrast, and the fact that they are kind of beat up.

I didn't distress this one either, I'm going to let it continue to grow old gracefully. :)