Monday, August 13, 2012

Just a quick note

Busy is an understatement to this summer so far.
I've been doing some projects, but nothing to write home about. Its the ones that are waiting in the wings that I'm excited about.
On a sad note, I've had to turn away people who wanted some outside work done. Why you may ask?
It was for upholstery, something I'm just not overly confident about doing for others yet. I think I may need to volunteer some time with a local upholster to gain that confidence, and some much needed knowledge. I could also use a different space, but thats a on wish list far in the future.
Those are the days that I need to remember one day at a time, and if its meant to be, it will happen:)

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  1. lookoing forward to seeing all the creations you've done these past several weeks