Monday, June 20, 2011

Out with the Old and in with the new!!

For those of you who know this, this is old news, but to some it may come as a bit of a surprise.... for the past year I've been taking an interior design course. I've been practicing on my house as well as various objects I can get my hands on. Sooo this past February and March we redid our master bedroom, which I also used  as my last project. So because I wanted everything just right it meant no pics. This also means its been done for awhile, but awaiting its final accessories. Which have been finished. But before I reveal the outcome I need to show you the befores.


So as you can see it was, to put it politely.... dated.

So stay tuned to this and a few more things that I've been doing round here!!

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  1. looking forward to reading many more posts!